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We'll cover Practice Fusion's annual subscription cost for you.*
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* Provided that Client (i) is not receiving any athenaNet Services as of the Effective Date; (ii) executes the Agreement for the athenaOne services on or before the earlier of (a) the Valid If Accepted By Date set forth in this Proposal, or (b) September 30, 2018; (iii) has its Go-Live Date for all athenaOne services within six (6) months of the Effective Date; (iv) as of the Effective Date, is contracted with Practice Fusion for the provision of electronic medical records software and services; and (v) has its initial weekly call with Athena's onboarding team to discuss the onboarding project within four (4) weeks of the Effective Date, then the Parties agree that the athenaOne Service Fees shall be $0 with respect to the first three (3) months after the initial Go-Live Date. With respect to the fourth month after the initial Go-Live Date and thereafter, the Service Fees shall be as set forth in this Proposal. If Client satisfies each of the conditions in subsections (i)-(v) above, then this language shall supersede any conflicting gray notes in the Proposal related to invoicing or payment of the Service Fees in the first three months following the Go-Live Date. In addition to the promotion regarding the Service Fee during the first three (3) months, Athena agrees that, if Client satisfies the conditions in subsection (i)-(v) above, Athena will provide Client with a Service Fee credit in the amount of Client’s annual subscription fee with Practice Fusion (the “Subscription Fee Credit”), so long as Client provides Athena sufficient evidence of payment of such subscription fees to Practice Fusion. In the event that Client’s Agreement is terminated for any reason prior to the eighteen (18) month anniversary of Client’s initial Go-Live Date, Client will be required to refund Athena a prorated portion of the Subscription Fee Credit, which will be calculated by multiplying the amount of such credit by a fraction, the numerator of which is 18 minus the number of months Client was live on athenaNet and the denominator of which is 18. Such refund shall be invoiced upon termination.