Our MSSP ACO Guarantee:

athenahealth offers the industry’s only population health service that guarantees you’ll receive ACO Shared Savings. Pay us only if you do. Pay us nothing if you don’t. It’s that simple.

Connecting with patients

We take on your work to actively bring in patients in need of care. In 2014, our integrated services delivered over 150 million patient outreach messages.

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Here’s how athenaCommunicator® Enterprise delivers results against our ACO guarantee


We use our clinical and business rules engines to organize and align patient data to the specific quality metrics you’re held accountable for.


athenahealth analyzes data to identify and test the most effective means for engaging different types of patients.


We transform your data into a single, consolidated workflow for care teams, integrating with the population health platform to eliminate swiveling among systems.


athenahealth provides customized dashboards and analytics to track and manage your costs, utilization, and outcomes.

If we really want to act as a system, as an ACO, and be able to meet all of the criteria that the various payers are putting on us now, everybody has to have access to everybody else’s clinical notes, x-rays, and lab work. Otherwise, all that you’re doing is duplicating work and driving up costs. athena makes that possible for us.

Dr. Michael Callum
President of Steward Medical Group

What makes it [athenaCommunicator] so powerful is the sheer amount of data available through the system. It makes our work faster because it makes it easier to look across an entire slice of the population and then distribute that data in a safe and easy way.

Paul Aseltine
Manager of Informatics, New England Quality Care Alliance

… by not having to make significant capex investments upfront on IT, we can funnel those dollars and allocate them into other priorities, like building state of the art facilities… using our precious resources in those ways instead of spending millions of dollars of sunk costs into a software product.”

Robert Booth
CFO, Summit Medical Group

See how we can drive results for your health system

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